Black Lake
Location information

Nr. Black Lake



Permanent Resident(s)

Jeff, Old Gregg

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Old Gregg the Funk Merman

Black Lake is a village that Howard Moon and Vince Noir visit in Series 2 Episode 5. It has a big lake where you can go fishing, which is what Howard and Vince did when they arrived.

The Pub Edit

There is a pub on the main road of Black Lake, looking out onto the lake. It has some mad people there who are not used to Londoners. They eat maggots curry and maggot drinks. The owner is called Jeff. They play music on violins and drums and sing on the spot.

Old Gregg Edit

Main article: Old Gregg.

Old Gregg is a half man half fish who lives in the lake. He captured Howard Moon, and his friend Vince was later told that only one man - Mr. Hopkins - has survived Old Gregg. Old Gregg likes Baileys Ice Cream, watercolors (he has painted a few paintings) and funk music.

Trivia Edit

  • Black Lake is first featured in Series 2 Episode 5.
  • It is best to go out there when it is evening and the full moon is shining.
  • The Moon is shown in the Black Lake and speaks.

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