They are a group of shamans who work, and maybe live, in a forest. They love getting high, except Dennis who can't handle his drugs.

The Board of shaman consists of:

  • Dennis, the leader of the board and his wife the extreme sports calender model, (who loves Vince Noir).
  • Kirk, a young boy who is dangerous and is not trusted to assist Saboo or to fly a Magic carpet.
  • Tony Harrison, An alien who shaggs people's heads, thus being a nexrofile, He has several tentacles and has a head which looks like two balloons. He has lots of experience driving, although he doesn't have any legs, and is good at coming up with plans, apparently. He has bad navigation skills and gets travel sick on most kinds of transport. He always argues with Saboo, who at one point, pushes him off a flying carpet.
  • Saboo, A shaman who even has his own fan site: Media: He often refers to the crunch as the end of you life, and says that we all can go as tourists.

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