Vince and Howard part of their crimp

Bouncy Bouncy is a song and crimp from the episode "Party".


Vince is telling Howard how much fun a bouncy castle is and 'lures' him in with a crimp.


Bouncy Bouncy

Oh such a good time

Bouncy Bouncy

Shoes all in a line

Bouncy Bouncy

Everybody summersault,



Everybody sing along

Bouncy Bouncy

oh such a good time

Bouncy Bouncy

White socks slipping down

Bouncy Bouncy

Stilettos are a no no

Bouncy Bouncy oh

Bouncy Bouncy oh

Everytime I bounce I feel I could touch the skyeee


BBC Bouncy Bouncy Crimp - The Mighty Boosh00:58

BBC Bouncy Bouncy Crimp - The Mighty Boosh

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