The Mighty Boosh does not rely on catchphrases, however, certain words and phrases have caught on to varying degrees, and been used several times.


  • Genius - an all-purpose positive adjective, applied both to people and objects, which can be described as "a genius", or simply "genius."
  • Imagine That - an expression of pleasure with something he may have thought up, or something that is going to happen.


  • Don't kill me, I've got so much to give - Howard's plea whenever he fears for his life.
  • Berk - Howard's name for people who have been idiotic, also means a very offensive word in cockney rhyming slang full term being Berkington and Hunt which means the C word.
  • Here it is - generally a statement of mild exasparation,as events go all pear-shaped.


  • I've got a bad feeling about this - He often has. Second and third series only.

Rich FulcherEdit

  • A little to the left - Many of Rich's characters says this while being injured.
  • Make it out to...Allan - Fulcher's answer when asking for an autograph from Vince.
  • Ma nuts - when sustaining frequent groin injury involving among others,knees and darts.


  • You've gone wrong - Roughly means "You're insane."
  • This is an outrage - Tony Harrison's frequent exclamation to indicate his disgust with a turn of events.
  • Ugly girlfriend/Ugly wife - Typically comment on Vince's androgyny,mistaking him for Howard spouse and or paramour.
  • No smoke without fire - When Howard attempts to refute some allegation of sundry salacious acts,others' responses indicate that there must be some kernel of truth to even get the stories started.

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