The Egg of Mantumbi is a valuable gem hidden in the Arctic Tundra. It appears in the Series 1 episode 'Tundra ' and the Pilot


The Egg of Mantumbi is a valuable blue gem about the size of a schoolboy's head

Attempts to find the eggEdit

• Biggy Shackleton - Biggy knew the location of the egg, but just before he could retrieve it he encountered Black Frost, which left him 'crushed and lifeless, like crisps under bison'

Dixon Bainbridge (1st attempt) - Dixon Bainbridge when to the Arctic to find the egg, but was unsuccessful. However, his action stories from the Arctic made him a 'real-life action man'

• Vince Noir and Howard Moon - Vince and Howard went to the Arctic to look for the egg of Mantumbi. While there, Howard encounters the Parka People, who take him to the cave where the egg is located. When Vince and Howard attempt to steal the egg an alarm system is set off and they are tied up by the parka people

Dixon Bainbridge (2nd attempt) - Dixon Bainbridge travelled to the arctic at the same time as Howard and Vince so that he could get the egg before them. Dixon enters the cave where the egg is located while Vince and Howard are tied up. Bainbridge takes the egg and stops the alarm going off in the same way you would for a car

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