Eleanor is a character from the third Boosh series featuring in the episode Eels, famous for her entrance greeting of 'Hellooooooooo'.

When she comes to the Nabootique Howard hopes to sell her some elbow patches, but what she actually wants to buy is Howard himself as she thinks he's a male prostitute. This is due to the 'adverts' Vince has been sneakily writing on the outside of the shop's windows in pink spraypaint. Howard refuses her advances and closes the shop.

Later, after being threatened for insurance money by The Hitcher Howard and Vince hatch a plan to trick Eleanor of the money, with Howard posing as a prostitute. But the plan goes wrong when Vince is distracted and Howard is obliged to 'please' Eleanor. The details of the acts are omitted, but when we next see Howard he is covered in smeared lipstick and looking dazed and disgusted.

Eleanor proves to be a helpful ally though, as near the end of the show as The Hitcher is about to kill Vince and Howard, Eleanor enters and shoots the Hitcher to protect her beloved Howard. She then leaves after inviting Howard to meet her in Acapulco, exiting with the word 'Aaaaaaaaaaadios!'

She is portrayed by Rich Fulcher, whose many characters usually fall in love with Vince.

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