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Electro Boy is a song performed originally in Series 1 episode 'Electro' by Kraftwerk Orange (Vince, Howard, Neon and Ultra) and briefly by solely Vince in Series 3 episode 'Journey to the Centre of the Punk'

Vince Noir performing Electro Boy

Original PerformanceEdit

Kraftwerk Orange perform Electro Boy so they can secure a record deal with Pieface Records. However, it turns sour when the Spirit of Jazz enters Howard and he begins playing Jazz instead of Electro. Both Howard and Vince are pushed off the stage and Vince later says that the Electro girls (Neon and Ultra) stabbed everyone up

Second PerformanceEdit

In Journey to the Centre of the Punk, Vince's brain cell turns on the TV and one of the things he sees is Vince performing Electro Boy. When the song ends, the presenter of the music shows says that Electro Boy by Vince Noir is #1 on the charts


Driving along on the plastic dream

Heart beats fast like a tiny machine

I am electro boy

I am electro girl

Sailing along on the perspex sea

Crystal moccasin, bionic cheese

I am electro boy

I am electro girl

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