Future Sailors is a Mighty Boosh musical song performed by Vince and Howard and later Lance Dior and Harold Boom in the Series 3 episode 'The Power of the Crimp'. Howard and Harold perform on keyboard, with Vince and Lance singing.


There are three different variations of the lyrics throughout the episode

Vince and Howard Original:

Future Sailors

We're future sailors

Electronic castaway

Digital stowaway

Cyborg sea dog, tell me what you dream of

Future Sailors

Oh yeah

Future sailors

After the interruption of the impostors:

Future Sailors

Oh yeah

Robot starfish

Nylon admiral

Lance and Harold:

Future Sailors

Later referencesEdit

The name of the Mighty Boosh's 2009 Live Tour 'Future Sailors' is taken from the song, and the song is performed at the beginning of the show

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