Gather round everyone also known as "Not you"

Everyone gather round is a special incantation known to all characters played by Rich Fulcher, namely Tommy Nooka, Ramsey and Lester Corncrake (see Jungle, The Legend of Old Gregg and Journey to the Centre of a Punk respectivly). When said a normally inanimate object to spring to life.

The joke Edit

The joke is when everyone in the scene is told to gather around and a person dressed up an inanimate object that was previously in the background gathers around as well and is told "not you, (insert name)!". This joke was first seen in the episode Jungle (with Fire being excluded from the group).

Beings given life by Gather Round Everyone Edit

  • Fire (Toomy Nooka)
  • Naan bread (Ramsey) so far Naan Bread is the only character given life and has reappeared later in the episode.
  • Extreme Sports Calender (Lester Corncrake)
  • In the Mighty Boosh card game 'Outrage" there is a "Not you Ace of spades" card.

The Exception (That Proves No Rule)Edit

The only animate object to have been excluded in this joke was Colin T. Anus, as described by Howard Moon when telling the mutants how to survive in the Future Sailors Tour.

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