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300px|right Hello Little Deer is a Mighty Boosh Song from the Radio series's first episode,Stolen.

Lyrics Edit

Hello little deer come home and play
Hello little deer come home and stay
Hello little deer come home and play with me me me me

Hello deer I know this is wrong
Now it's dark and the people have gone
I must try and trick you into getting in the boot of my car car car car

[Evil Laughter]

Put on these corduroy slacks for me
You'll look better in the shorts I've ordered you'll see
I'll integrate you in my society ty ty ty
Now little deer you're alone with me
Lets hope it's only sexually
I cant get involved with you emotionally ly ly ly

Now that you're not a little baby deer
Now that you've grown up brutish and queer
Get into my boot you stinking dirty whore whore whore whore

Get in my boot, in you go, oh yes
[evil laughter]

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