Joshua Hayward (Joshua Von Grimm) is the main guitarist of The Horrors and appeared in The Mighty Boosh.

He was first referenced in Series 3 when Vince showed Howard a device that could tag celebrities which he called the CelebRadar. apparently he was having a picnic in a cemetery in Bethyl Green. in the episode Vince called him by his stage name, Joshua Von Grimm. In the finale of Series 3 he and the rest of The Horrors star as a parody of themselves who are a Group called The Black Tubes. In the episode he is first shown talking to Vince about how his legs are too muscular for the Thin Legs Policy the band has meaning Vince is unable to join them. He holds up a pair of trousers as they explain that Vince can have the gig if he can fit into them.

He is later shown sitting with the rest of the group next to Sammy The Crab's tank. After Sammy asks for a beer the band pours their drinks into the tank causing him to become aggressively angry. Joshua and the rest of the group fearing for their lives swiftly run out of the room and escape. Joshua is later shown with The Black Tubes performing onstage with Sammy as the lead singer.


Joshua is a tall and handsome young man with frizzy hair with a blonde streak in it. He wears black clothing and eyeliner.

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