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Married on the Morrow is a song from the Might Boosh Radio series

Lyrics Edit

That's a tasty rhythm

Are we to be married on the morrow my child or will I always be alone?
Are we to be together forever and a day or will life always be this way?

Because I dreamed of a hedge
Where you laid your head
The grass was red
The seagull screamed
What can it mean?
Was it just a dream?
Am I too obscene for your eyes?

Are we to be married on the morrow my child?
Or will life always be this way?
Or will life always be this way
Sing it now
Or will life always be this way?
Sing Tony...

Can I ever love?
Will I ever touch?
Can I ever see?
Can I ever dream?
Will I ever be?
Can I ever find what I need?

I can't see I can't breathe
I'm spiralling down infinity
Oh look what you did
You came into my wood
With your tiny little eyes and your hair made of wool

Now it's over (wooh)
Now I loved you and oh how I needed you
Oh lying down on the floor
Like a crispy noodle cup boy (yeah)
Dreaming that you were once the child of a wolf
With your paper arms and wrists
I worshipped you
I needed you
With your see-through scorpion underbelly
And your tiny little claws
Hammering away at the pigeons eyebrow
Climbing up your head as if were an elaborate child's climbing frame

Oh, ladders to the moon
With your cardboard page three paisley silver eyes
(Sing it now, sing it now, sing it now) [repeat]
And value of your structured silhouette
Creeping around you like a chinese cadbury wolf

It's over
I hate you
It's over (oh yeah)

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