Mod wolves01:12

Mod wolves

The Mod Wolves song was first seen in Jungle. A longer version was originally used in the radio series, and utilises a similar riff to "Satisfaction" by The Rolling Stones (funnily enough, the Mod Wolves instruments are the same as those first used by The Rolling Stones).

In the radio show the song was accompanied by lyrics:
Tony Ice: You know sometimes when you get upset or the world ain't treating you right...what I do is I look on up at the sky, look on up at old Mr Moon. He don't worry, he just keep on shining down.
Bob Fossil: Who the freak are you?
They call me Tony Ice and I'm a travelling hobo
Oh yeah...
I never worry,
I never care

Just look on up

Vince Noir in Mod Wolves

You know he's there
Let me hear ya

Alabaster Moon won't you shine your milky beams down on me
Hit me with the milky ray
Alabaster Moon won't you shine your milky beams down on me
Zap me with the creamy laser

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