Robots In Disguise

Robots In Disguise are an English electro-punk band. The group is composed of Dee Plume (Delia Gaitskell – vocals, guitars), Sue Denim (Suzanne Powell – vocals, bass), and a rolling live line-up of backing musicians.

The Mighty Boosh Edit

The Electro Girls, Neon and Ultra, (played by Dee Plume and Sue Denim, the real-life members of the band Robots In Disguise) are in the electro band Kraftwerk Orange for which Vince briefly performed as frontman and Howard even more briefly played keyboards. When Howard, possessed by the Spirit of Jazz, disrupts the performance the girls "stab everyone up" and the gig ends in disaster.

Plume and Denim can be seen again in series 2 as the Goth Girls Ebola and Anthrax in Nanageddon. Dee can also be seen again in The Legend of Old Gregg as the lady covered in shells and once again in The Call of the Yeti as a ninja.

She can be seen in Series 3 as the girl Naboo uses as a conduit in Strange Tale of the Crack Fox.

In the Series 3 episode The Power of the Crimp, the pair are shown as cartoon characters during the animated sequence of Naboo's story about the Magpie and the Peacock. 

Robots In Disguise have been touring with The Mighty Boosh Live for their 2008–09 tour, performing in the after-shows. They also appeared at The Mighty Boosh festival, Saturday 5 July 2008 at the hop farm, Kent.

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