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Saboo is a fictional character portrayed by Richard Ayoade. He was originally created for "Nanageddon", an episode of the second series of The Mighty Boosh and later appeared in three episodes of the third series, "Eels", "The Strange Tale of the Crack Fox" and "Party".

Saboo is a shaman, and a member of the Board of Shaman. He is also a DJ. He is close to Kirk but is unaware of his sexual adventurism, and dislikes Tony Harrison, whom he has attempted to kill, and Naboo, whose propensity for getting in trouble with the Board of Shaman often results in Saboo attempting to make an example of him. He also frequently refers to his colleagues as 'plum(s)' and variations thereof when they act foolishly. During his first appearance, he frequently referred to 'the crunch,' criticizing other characters for their lack of familiarity with it to the point of being accused of being 'obsessed with the crunch.' "The crunch", in this sense, is a high pressure moment, which is a common usage of the term in UK English. The name Saboo comes from the name of the Indian Actor Sabu

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