Sammy The Crab is a famous actor and performer. Whilst he is popular not everyone likes his acting, possibly due to the fact that he is a crab. Personality-wise he is narcissistic and obnoxious with homicidal tendencies.Montgomery Flange in particular despised Sammy for stealing the part of a lifetime from him as well as running off with his wife - he claims that not a day goes by without wanting to "kill Sammy, throw him into a huge cooking pot and eat the little pink wanker".

Sammy was scheduled to make an appearence in Vince Noir's Electro Circus but went on a drug-fueled rampage, killing some of the supporting acts - his slot was instead replaced by Howard. Eventually Sammy became the lead singer for the band The Black Tubes but Vince deems this unfair as "his legs aren't even that thin".

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