Due to Vince and Howard's kiss in Series Three, episode 5, fans have begun to write fan fiction and film slash videos to exploit the sexual tension between Howard and Vince, to the point where hundreds of videos are now on youtube. Reasons for the supposed pairing include:

  1. The kiss
  2. Howard's confession of love in th episode 'Tundra'
  3. Vince constantly being mistaken for either Howard's wife, girlfriend, or partner
  4. Vince's slight Jealousy of Howard's few romantic prospects
  5. Vince behaving in a possesive way towards Howard including Baking him cakes, ironing his clothes and cutting his hair
  6. And lastly, the fact that neither Howard, Nor Vince can sustain a relationship with a woman, yet are perfectly comfortable and seem incabable of living without each other


It's strongly implied by Vince in the episode 'Party' that he thinks Howard is in love with him.

Howard: 'Don't worry I don't fancy you'

Vince: 'Yes you do"

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