Stolen was the first episode of Radio series and was first broadcast on 16 October 2001. Unlike many of the other radio episodes, this episode hasn't yet been remade to feature in the television series.

Synopsis Edit

A mysterious character called "The Phantom" is stealing animals from the zoo. Howard and Vince go on a mission to find the thief and the sinister figure behind the plot.

Full Plot Edit

(Radio series theme)

The episode opens with Bob Fossil welcoming people to "Bob Fossil's fun world" where fun plus world equals world fun. A kid starts asking Fossil if he can see different animals which fossil says they don't have. In the end Fossil asks the kid if he wants to see the lions (Kid, now confirmed as Jimmy, says yeah!) and Fossil tells him to put on this suit made out of meat and to come with him. (Cut scene music)

In the next Scene Howard is arriving at the zoo for the night-shift when he's stopped by security informing him that the zoo is closed, not recognising Howard has a member of staff. It turns out that that the security guy fails to recognise him everyday that he arrives. Howard points out that the security guard took a picture of him to remember him by but the guard, upon seeing the photo, says it doesn't even look like Howard and even fails to recognise the fellow next to Howard in the photo, which is him. The guard asks Howard to get his pass out or under the Bob Fossil zoo act he's allowed to get him electrical batten out and twat him with it. Howard refuses claiming it's embarrassing and before the fade off to the next scene we hear an electrical buzz.

(Cut scene music)

We cut to Vince who's flicking through radio stations, claiming them as boring, until he finds a station talking about Colobus the crab which he comments on saying he likes this. Howard comes into the room, switch off the TV, telling Vince that they're on nightwatch and he shouldn't be watching that. Vince complains that nightwatch is so boring and that nothing ever happens but Howard rebuttals this asking saying that they need to do it in case Phantom comes. The Phantom is a mystery figure who has been stealing animals from the zoo for the past month.

(Cut scene music)

Howard and Vince are on night watch and having a discussion about vanity, and Howard mentions his uncle Cedric. At that moment, Vince gets a bat stuck in his hair, and Howard suggests that he's going to have to shave his head, but Vince argues "I'll make a feature of it!"

(Cut scene music)

Howard and Vince visit Bob Fossil, their boss, and discuss the Phantom and what to do about him. Fossil demands that they use a helicopter to track him down.

Songs Edit

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