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The Flat
Location information




Permanent Resident(s)

Naboo, Bollo, Vince Noir, Howard Moon

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Call of the Yeti

Latest appearance




The Flat is the the flat owned by Naboo who rents some of it out to Vince and Howard. Bollo also lives there but it is not known if he rents it out or is allowed by Naboo to live there. The Flat is supposedly above the Nabootique despite one being in Dalston and one being in Shoreditch. The Flat is seen throughout Series Two and seen once in Series Three episode, Party where it hosts Howard's birthday party. Every episode the characters leave their flat and explore the outside world, which isn't usually any safer than their all.

Flat ResidentsEdit


There is one item referring to each episode of the second series in the flat:

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