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The Strange Tale of the Crack Fox

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The Strange Tale of the Crack Fox
Air Date 6 December 2007
Director Paul King
Previous The Power of the Crimp
Next Party

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The Strange Tale of the Crack Fox is the fourth episode of Series 3 of The Mighty Boosh It is followed by the episode Party.

Howard departs to a jazzercise class, leaving Vince to sort out the towering pile of bin bags in the back yard of the Nabootique. Whilst doing so, Vince meets an urban crack addict fox named The Crack Fox, (played by Julian Barratt) whom he invites into the Nabootique. The Crack Fox then knocks Vince unconscious, and steals Naboo's powerful Shaman juice. Vince lies to Naboo, saying it is Howard who is responsible. Naboo then fires Howard, and is imprisoned by the Board of Shaman to be executed. Vince eventually decides to attempt to save Naboo, meeting Howard, who has taken up his old bin man job again, on the way. Howard and Vince descend to the sewers, discovering the Crack Fox, who has taken some Shaman Juice and wields supernatural power. Howard and Vince recover the Shaman Juice, and are chased through the sewers by the Crack Fox, who is eventually crushed to death by a bin lorry, which is waiting for him at the sewer exit. Howard and Vince then rescue Naboo, and the Board of Shaman celebrate by taking drugs.

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